What Our Customers Are Saying

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service that you and your staff provide to our residents as they rent and/or purchase lofts from your company. The need to have access to lofts is great for our students and we have been pleased with the quality of the product and the responsiveness of your staff.

We will again be renewing our contract with you for another year. We continue to hear great things from our students about the quality of the loft. The delivery process in August and the pick up process in May go very smoothly. I have especially appreciated the work of your Program Manager who works for you out of Racine. He puts the time and energy into working individually with students to ensure that their needs are met. He is flexible, accommodating, and represents your comapny well to the customer.

We certainly recommend you to other campuses who are interested in securing a loft company that is responsive to the needs of the student and staff and can provide an outstanding product at a reasonable price. We look forward to working with you again next year. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

- Larry Davis
Assistant Residence Life Director

- Nate Daigle

Clemson University has participated in the MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ direct rental program for the past 11 years. This was our first year with Collegiate Concepts and we could not be happier. The logistics work done by Collegiate Concepts was outstanding. The deliveries were on time and the minimal number of student complaints received were handled in a professional, courteous, and timely manner.

Mark Fredricksen and his staff are excellent to work with. I have no reservations about recommending Collegiate Concepts.

- Paul R. Kittle, Jr.
Associate Director of Greek Life and Student Organizations
Clemson University

As the Student Government at Clemson University, our main objective is to do everything we can to accommodate students and help with the freshman transition, while also promoting our organization.

With each year that we have been with Collegiate Concepts, we have been more and more pleased with their efforts and cooperation, and their willingness to fit their program with our school's specific needs. We have been able to raise thousands of dollars for our organization, which directly benefits our student body, while also providing a great service to our students.

We couldn't be more satisfied with the service we have received and the effort Collegiate Concepts has made to expand our programs as the need has arisen!

- Kathryn L. Lee
Student Services Director
Clemson Undergraduate Student Government

Exactly one year ago I was fairly uncertain about the events that would take place during the [next] school year. Many changes were posing a threat to our loft program including the Residence Hall's furniture renovation and decreasing available storage facilities. Forced to make some major changes for the future of our product line, I was very grateful to learn of Collegiate Concepts exceptional line of lofts.

Since then, incorporating your loft program into our business has been very smooth and profitable. Students at Indiana University are very pleased with the sleek craftsmanship, stability, and space saving advantages of Collegiate Concepts' lofts. Similarly, Executive Directors within Residential Programs and Services feel confident in the safe alternative your lofts provide for on-campus living.

Given the affordable price, ease of set-up, and compact storage, your lofts have helped put an end to a long tradition of pain and agony our business has come to expect with loft rentals. Additionally, Collegiate Concepts' quick response to our individual loft needs enabled us to get the correct sizes and convenient delivery times necessary for our program's success.

I would like to offer our sincere gratitude for your commitment to providing excellent service to our business. You have helped us have a very successful year.

- Gabe McCurdy
Director, RHA Student Services
Indiana University

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for exceeding my expectations with the loft rental program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for the school year. As you know, the administration and student leadership were very hesitant to try lofts again after a most unfortunate experience with a different loft company the previous year. However, I can say with great confidence that I would highly recommend you to other colleagues in university housing programs across the country.

You were very responsive to the needs of our students and you incorporated our suggestions into the rental agreement and the distribution process, for which I am very grateful. The distribution of lofts during the opening weekend could not have gone more smoothly in my opinion. We have not had any complaints from students regarding the quality of your products or services during the fall semester.

As you can see, I am most impressed with the services and products that you have provided to us and our students. Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to discussing plans for the next school year.

- Kristi J. Nelms
Assistant Director, University Housing
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

As you are aware, Residential Life at Arizona State University has now moved into our second contract year with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. Our partnership with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. has been truly rewarding.

Collegiate Concepts, Inc. has helped fulfill a very real need in the life of the students living on-campus at Arizona State University. Direct rental of MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ and lofts to students has allowed them to make the choice of having these products at their disposal and has allowed Residential Life to avoid increasing room rates to provide this amenity.

Steve Pickett, Program Manager for Arizona State University, had overseen the MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ operation for a number of years prior to associating with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. Steve has always been and still is extremely professional in his conduct and seeks to instill that professionalism in his staff. What few trouble calls are reported, are responded to quickly and efficiently.

When first considering the loft program at Arizona State University, Residential Life had a few concerns and suggested ways to possibly improve the product. Collegiate Concepts, Inc. listened to our concerns and responded very quickly with modifications to the product. As a result, we have had a large increase in rentals this year and the fire load from wooden lofts on-campus has been diminished by the addition of this product.

It is a pleasure doing business with Collegiate Concepts, Inc. and Steve Pickett.

- Wendell C. Brierly
Sr. Business Operations Manager
Arizona State University

The Department of Residence and Inter-Residence Hall Association at Iowa State University has partnered with your company for many years to provide safe and affordable lofts for our students to rent. We have been very pleased with your services, and appreciate the ease of this fundraiser for our student government.

I recall when we needed to require that all lofts at the university have a safety rail, and you and your company immediately met this requirement without any problem. We now only offer the loft option with the side rail, and you were very eager to accommodate our needs. You are also very good with confirming pick-up locations, dates and times, and I've never felt like we were unorganized heading in or out of the school year.

I've never heard a concern from a student or parent about your product. The ease of the setup and the look of the lofts are very popular to our students. The convenience of delivery is also a great selling point for the program.

Our students and staff have had great interactions with you and your staff. You have been very professional in your communication and service. Overall, we couldn't be more pleased with our relationship with your company. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.

- Eric Peters
Inter-Residence Hall Association President

Colorado State University entered into an agreement with Collegiate Concepts to provide a loft rental program beginning in Fall 1998. Collegiate Concepts was selected after careful review of five competing companies.

The agreement with Collegiate Concepts has been very successful. They have been professional and responsive in dealings with university staff and customers, resulting in significant improvements during each year of the agreement. These improvements coincide with the growth from an original customer base of little more than 200, to more that 1500 students using a Collegiate Concepts loft system. Almost one third of our Residence Hall students now sleep in a Collegiate Concepts loft. Most recently, (Fall 2003) the program was so smooth that service delivery can best be described as seamless.

For all these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending Collegiate Concepts to other organizations looking into a loft rental program. You will receive a high-quality space-saving product, first-class customer service, and a partnership with professionals who care about their customers.

- Lew Sutphin
Assistant Director Housing Operations Management
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80521

We here at Virginia Tech's Residence Hall Federation have been working with Collegiate Concepts for many years. We have had a great working relationship over the years, as Collegiate Concepts has provided safe loft kits for the 9000 on-campus residents as well as micro-fridges that meet the University requirements. They have been professional in dealings with students, parents, and the confusion of other loft vendors here in Blacksburg. All of this has resulted in a significant growth in the numbers of orders taken each summer, especially this past summer (2005).

One of the most common feedback points is the ease of putting the loft kit together and how easily the bed frames here at Virginia Tech fit into the loft and the rooms in our Residence Halls. Also, the MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ with Safe Plug™ are wonderful as well since the microwave and refrigerator are connected by one wire, saving outlet space for residents in the residence hall rooms and making it a very convenient appliance for all of our on-campus residents.

For all of these reasons, I highly recommend Collegiate Concepts for other student organization at other colleges and universities looking for a loft and MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ rental program.

- Manisha P. Patel
President, Residence Hall Federation
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Dear Collegiate Concepts,

"The loft went together in 30 seconds and is a great unit! I told everyone I saw how wonderful and easy the loft was. I was amazed how simple and sturdy they are. I will certainly pass my thoughts on to the school."

- C Downs
Father, University of Northern Iowa Student

It is with great pleasure that I submit this letter of support for your work at Collegiate Concepts and your direct work with the staff and students at Ohio University. This is my very first year working with our campus RHA, and consequently my first year working directly with Collegiate Concepts and the loft program. I can say without a doubt that the communication flow is superb and the level of customer service is outstanding from your organization and I would encourage other campus groups looking to provide services such as lofts or MicroFridge© with Safe Plug™ with Safe Plug™ to start their search by talking to the representatives at Collegiate Concepts.

In addition to the wonderful service that the lofts provide for our students and families, the money that is generated by the fundraiser supports our RHA in its annual efforts; not the least is to help fund their trips to the regional and national conferences. This partnership with Collegiate Concepts not only benefits the individual student leasing or purchasing the product, but it benefits the whole university through the leadership programs of the RHA.

Thank you for helping to support the leadership development of students and for your continued commitment to quality service.

- Jenny Hall-Jones
Ohio University

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