There When You Arrive

Depending on college restrictions, your Microfridge® could be set up and ready to go when you arrive on campus. We will have representatives available for you!

There When Needed

If you have any problems with your Microfridge® unit, we have qualified service people available to correct the issue.

Done When You Are!

When you are done for the semester, or year, we are there to pick up the fridge for you!

COLLEGIATE CONCEPTS, INC. is a Premier Master Distributor of the MicroFridge® with Safe Plug™ brand and product line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have my housing assignment when I order?

Place your order leaving the hall & room blank. When you receive your housing assignment either submit a service request, call 515-597-2303 or email with your updated information.

What does the All-Inclusive Insurance cover?

The “All-Inclusive Insurance” covers broken microwave plates, shelves, lost crisper drawers, and repairable damage above normal wear and tear such as dents and scratches. It does not include damage making the unit inoperable, or a lost or stolen unit.

What does the Optional Cleaning cover?

The “Clean Option” allows you to focus on other items at the end of your rental term. We will clean your fridge for you, all you have to do is remove all items, defrost, and dry the freezer. The rest is up to us! No mess, no fuss!

What if I don’t know my roommate or if they have also ordered?

Go ahead with placing your order. If your roommate also orders, we will refund one of the orders in full and cancel that order. See item 5 of MicroFridge® Rental Agreement for full details.

*If you are in a suite, you might be allowed two per suite (one per bedroom)-check with your housing to make sure you are eligible. Please make sure your room number is accurate to assist us in proper delivery.

What if my roommate & I want to split the payment?

Because the rental is a contract, one person must take responsibility for the unit. Unfortunately, our system is not able to process shared payments.

Is the price for the whole academic school year?

Fall pricing is for the full Academic School Year (fall through spring).

When will my order arrive & will it be delivered to my room?

For most of our schools, the on-time orders are delivered to your room before the general student move-in date. Please make sure your room number is accurate to assist us in proper delivery.

If you ordered after the cutoff date but before start of classes, please allow 2 weeks after the start of classes for your unit to arrive. If we need to schedule a delivery, we will reach out to you by email or phone.

A very few of our schools have a day after move in where you come down to meet our trucks. To find out if this is your school, see your school’s page of our web site (look for the paragraph in red). If you are one of these, there are company representatives that will assist in getting your unit up to your room. A schedule for the deliveries will be sent to you by email.

What if I move in to my room early?

In most cases we are not able to accommodate early move-ins.

What happens if my plans change?

If your plans change and you won’t be on campus, please call 515-597-2303 or email If you let us know before delivery you will receive a full refund. If you wait until 1-14 days after delivery, you will be given a refund minus a $50 processing fee. After 15 days, there will be no refund. Please see the MicroFridge® Rental Agreement for full details.

What are the outer dimensions of the MicroFridge®?

The dimensions of the MicroFridge® units (refrigerator with microwave on top) are approximately 44” high, 20” deep & 19” wide.

What if I want to bring food to put in my unit on move-in day?

Please wait until your arrival on campus to purchase perishable food.

What happens if something is wrong with my MicroFridge®?

Should there be an issue with your unit, please submit a service request, call 515-597-2303, or email A request for service will be entered on your order.

Please allow up to a week for the project manager to be able to be back on campus. They will call or text your cell phone number, please respond to them for scheduling.

What if the microwave plate is missing?

Look in your freezer, they are typically transported in the freezer when we are moving the units. If you don’t find it there you may submit a service request, call 515-597-2303 or email to request one be brought to you.

What if I can’t get the door open?

Sometimes during transport of the units, the shelves shift which causes them to catch on the door. Tip your unit back to approximately a 45-degree angle. That should slide the shelves back into place allowing the door to open. If that does not fix the issue then submit a service request, call 515-597-2303 or email

What if I change rooms?

If you will be in housing that allows our units you can either:

    1. request that we move the unit for you. There will be a $35 charge for that service. Please give us plenty of notice, two weeks is requested.
    2. move the unit yourself.

Either way you must inform us of your new hall & room number. To inform us of the change you can submit a service request, call 515-597-2303 or email

Should you move to housing that does not allow a MicroFridge® unit, you have the option to transfer the lease, or you may request an early pick up.

What if I will only be on campus one semester or need to leave campus early?

Our leases are only for the academic school year; however, you may take one of two options:

    1. You may transfer the lease. The lease transfer must be filled out completely & returned to us by emailing If the form has missing information the lease will stay in your name and you will continue to be responsible for that unit.
    2. You may return the unit early. If you choose to return the unit early, you may let us know by submitting a service request, calling 515-597-2303 or emailing, please refer to the MicroFridge® Rental Agreement regarding refunds & early pick up fees.

What happens if I move rooms but want to leave the unit for my roommate?

You may do a lease transfer to your roommate. Fill that form (lease transfer) out completely then email it to If any of the information is left blank on the form, the lease will stay in your name & you will continue to be responsible for that unit.

When are they picked up and do I need to schedule a pickup time?

Emails go out at end of year with the details of what you need to do to ready your unit for pickup.